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The Carmilla Movie ( 2017 ) Full HD

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The Carmilla Movie


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The Carmilla Movie


01 Hours 34 Minutes

Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance

Shaftesbury Films, Smokebomb Entertainment, Shift2


It has been five years since Laura and Carmilla vanquished the apocalypse and Carmilla became a bonafide mortal human. They have settled in to a cozy apartment in downtown Toronto; Laura continues to hone her journalism skills while Carmilla adjusts to a non-vampire lifestyle. Their domestic bliss is suddenly ruptured when Carmilla begins to show signs of “re-vamping” – from a fondness for bloody treats to accidental biting – while Laura has started having bizarre, ghostly dreams. The couple must now enlist their old friends from Silas University to uncover the unknown supernatural threat and save humanity – including Carmilla’s.

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