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Grazi Massafera Photo

Grazi Massafera

IMDB : Grazi Massafera - IMDB(nm1845188)

Grazielli Massafera, Grazielli Soares Massafera





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Movie Name Release Date
Billi Pig

Billi Pig

The aspiring actress Marivalda, her husband Wanderley, a bankrupt insurance broker and a false priest do their best to get along in life. But they end up in the hands of a drug boss, whose daughter they promised to save the life of, hit in a shooting at a party in São Cristóvão. A huge cash reward is at stake and now all three have to chase the promised miracle.

Didi, O Caçador de Tesouros

Didi, O Caçador de Tesouros

Didi works as a butler at Pedro's father's house. While browsing an old photograph album, he and 10-year-old Pedro find an ancient map with the route to a treasure. They decide to search for it. But the treasure carries a curse cast by the three thieves who had stolen it first, during WW2.