Movie Review Hotel Artemis (2018)

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The movie Hotel of Criminals is an intense futuristic drama that takes us to a private hotel, which serves as an elite hospital to respond to emergencies 911 of the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles; But one night everything goes wrong and guests at the Artemis Hotel break each of their rules.

Action, crime, drama, suspense, intrigue and even sci-fi are the central elements of the motion of the movie Hotel of criminals; The new tape of director Drew Pearce, who also writes this thriller, which brings together great actors including Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum and even has a brief participation of Zachary Quinto, in a Intense plot that takes us to a night, a single night, in a gloomy future.

A tape well done, with a well-told story, with performances very well made result in a very entertaining film that meets all the requirements that are searched when going to the movies, and also Jodie Foster has a very different character to everything On the other hand, the fact that the film is short and only lasts 1 hour 34 minutes makes it fluid, without unnecessary scenes or a slow rhythm.

There is really no fault with the movie hotel of criminals, it is complimentary, entertaining and makes you key completely in the plot that takes place in this hotel, although there are not many characters and all are joined by the same conflict, the movie hooks and makes you forgot It’s all for living your also one night at the Artemis Hotel.

In addition, they present an interesting story, a kind of private hospital which has few rules, but very strict to prevent all their patients from killing each other; But, for our good news a day of unrest and bad luck brings together 5 patients at the Artemis Hotel and only one of them will survive while his staff tries to put everyone in order.

If you like action and crime movies, this is a good option to go to the movies.

Synopsis of the movie Hotel of criminals

What is it about?, the plot takes us to a night at the Hotel Artemis, a very safe place, which can only be accessed by membership; But this is not a normal hotel, and it is a private hospital run by the nurse (Jodie Foster), she is in charge of curing the most dangerous criminals with the help of his assistant Everest (Dave Bautista), but on a Wednesday night everything gets out of control and his hue Guests, called by his suite, Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown), Nice (Sofia Boutella), Niagara (Jeff Goldblum), Acapulco (Charlie Day), all will have to fight for his life, because the riots and the boss of the mafia want to enter the hotel to kill them.

The cast of the movie Hotel of criminals

I think one of the best performances of this tape is obviously Jodie Foster, who makes a different role, a grieving nurse immersed in pain and past, which leads her to end up in hell, but is pretty good at it, I really think the most remarkable Of this tape is her, although also Dave Bautista offers an interesting character that is complemented by the other performances; But speaking of criminals, no performance stands out.

Movie Review The Predator (2018)

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The film The most focused predator in comedy, which, in action, brings us a new installment of these unthinkable aliens who are now closer to the evolution and annihilation of the human race.

This cult film Saga, is very followed by many fans, who, although they have had their highs and lows with very good films made in the Eighties, and others not as well accomplished as predators, continues with its good number of fans who follow the comic , animated series and of course the movies, so the excitement to see on the big screen movie The predator is very high.

With the stellar performances of Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Jacob Tremblay, Alfie Allen and Jake busy Fox brings us a new adventure against these machines of death, and to remove the fiasco of the previous tape, Predators (2010), now bring us this kind of reboot that It also serves as a sequel in which there is much talk of the symbology of this franchise, many reasons are explained and many winks are also made to the original stories that emerged in the Eighties/nineties.

The film The predator is full of jokes, comedy, witty dialogues, one that another interesting special effect and in the final stretch we see that bloodthirsty element characteristic of these tapes, and the film is already in the end death, death, death, blood, brains and Guts, you know, the standard of these tapes.

They say out there, the bad languages of the Internet that this film is so bad that it is good, and although as action fails and enough, the comic feature and the heap of jokes of the tape rescue it for the fans, and definitive, this is not predators , but don’t rakearía it as the best thing about this cinematic universe.

I think the only thing that makes it relevant are the jokes, the symbology and the deepest look that is made to the world of this alien race; But don’t go thinking it’s action, it’s a light comedy.

And of course, in the end opens the door to more tapes with a human predator that will become the next predatory hunt.

Synopsis of the movie The Predator

What is it about?, military Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) is on a mission in Mexico to kill a narco and rescue a hostage, but, right in the middle of this attack falls the ship of a predator, creating chaos, confusion and death; But McKenna manages to escape by stealing the mask and glove from the predator, managing to send these artifacts home before the military, who are very focused on recovering all of this and erasing all traces of evidence.

But, while this happens in a secret research base, the scientific Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) is summoned to offer more knowledge about this predator, which by the way was caught, but while that happens another ship with another stronger predator It comes to Earth and so begins a race in which all run from these aliens who end up facing the Earth, to finally start a manhunt.

The distribution of the movie The Predator

It’s a comic strip, so, all the performances aren’t very serious, and they spin rather around making a lot of jokes, and the male cast headed by Boyd Holbrook is dedicated to beating, kicking and using heavy weapons. In a strict sense, they are light performances and I have seen better roles of Holbrook, the same goes for Olivia Munn, and even Jacob Tremblay quite loose on this tape.

Review of the Movie Venom (2018)

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There is a stir and controversy over the premiere of the long-awaited film Venom, the latest Sony tape, which brings as protagonist a hero/villain character very different from what we are used to seeing in the movies; Today, Venom returns in solitary, but with the promise to integrate very soon to the universe of Spider-Man with Tom Holland.

I saw the movie Venom and the question that everyone makes me insistently is it as bad as they say?, and the answer is no, not as bad as they say the bad languages of the Internet, and I think, easily surpasses the tapes that has presented us DC in the cinema , of course, is not in the category of Wonder Woman, nor in the best tapes of Marvel, but I must say that the film is entertaining and works.

Now, I must clarify that this tape is made and designed for the casual audience of the cinema, yes, all those people who have never read a comic, but enjoy these adaptations, but relax, this is not the chaos of the four fantastic, and is certainly more entertaining That Batman vs. Superman or even that Suicide Squad.

Yes, the movie venom is entertaining, but also takes many creative liberties that far away and much to Venom from the comics, that can disturb a lot, the cult fans. If you add the classification of the tape, PG-13 and the intention of joining the Spider-Man universe makes the blood, violence and savagery of this character so popular in the world of comics is lost and for some people this can be disappointing.

Maybe that’s what made Tom Hardy declare that his favorite parts of the tape were eliminated.

But, speaking of the plot, the film in general, is entertaining dry, has some occurrences and evil that well, introduces a new hero or villain, according to the moment, in the world Marvel.

That yes, I must accept and the first hour of the tape, that focuses on introducing Eddie Brock, this new Eddie Brock that separates from the line of comics, takes a long time, is very late while we are all waiting and shut up Eddie and become Venom.

That part takes a long time, and the drama that we are presented of that character is unnecessary, although it is part of the new context that we want to present of this character.

Now, the other two questions of the air are there post-credits scenes?, is there cameo of Stan Lee?, the answers yes and yes.

There are two scenes, the first and most important is almost immediate in the post-credits, and those 2 minutes, a little less, will fly the head of all attendees presenting more of the Venomverse, the second, you will have to wait more than 20 minutes to leave and are more than 5 Minutes from Spider-Man: A new Universe.

Speaking of Stan Lee’s cameo, wait for him at the end.

The Venom Movie Synopsis

What is the movie Venom? Well obvious, of Venom, and how this villain emerges that becomes an antihero, now, all who are waiting to see a faithful adaptation of the comics, will take a big disappointment, because this story tells us a Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) Successful, who works in San Francisco, with a perfect life, but everything changes when confronted in an interview that makes the millionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), who is uncomfortable with the interview and gets to dismiss Eddie and finish his girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams), so desperate, lonely and sad, Eddie decides to follow the investigation against Drake in his labs, when something comes out more and is infected by the Venom symbiote, who is very hungry and evil plans to end the world, but Venom is Fond of Eddie and the world, then they are the only ones in charge of avoiding the invasion of these murderous symbiotes.

The Cast of the Movie Venom

I think the most relevant thing about this tape is Tom Hardy, that even though Venom, the animated CGI character is the main thing on this tape, Tom has an important weight with his jokes, with Eddie’s vision and interactions with venom.

Now, speaking of Venom, I think it lacks more development and more effects to the center of this tape.

Finally, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams are two characters with weight in the plot, but without much weight on stage.

Movie Review If I Were You (2018)

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It arrives to the screens of cinema one more history, yes, of those that we have seen many times, in which its protagonists, by the way, very different end a few days trapped in the body of the other one, unleashing a series of disparate and problems that will end up solving the life of both.

The movie If I Were You is a new proposal for Mexican cinema, which is not novel and proposes nothing new, but is full of jokes, so many that you end up laughing of those who work, while the others are occurrences that make this tape half entertaining, light and even enjoyable.

Now, I insist, bringing to the cinema one more film about the change of roles and being trapped in the body of another person, is nothing new, and films of these we have seen many, the reason is that they work well in the comedies and to see how two people so different have to Learning to be in the body of the other person who so much criticize can become entertaining, and that works in this film, which is original zero, but with its sparks.

But finally not all of this tape is a rehash or a film cliché, and this film explore, a little, not much, topics such as sexuality and preferences. In that sense this tape proposes something for a change and how it would be to have sex with someone else who has your body, how rare it would end up being and how it would hypothetically affect this event so strange.

Well, it is not the best comedy in the world, is not the best comedy to change roles, but is witty and works to entertain you for a while, the performances, especially those of Juan Manuel Bernal are fun.

Synopsis of The Movie If I Were You

What is the film about If I Were you? It takes us to the chaotic life in couple of Claudia (Sophie Alexander-Katz), a perfect housewife who has to combine her chores at home, with her work as a ballet teacher and conflicts with Antonio (Juan Manuel Bernal), her husband, a publicist in the twilight of her career, who is tired and concerned about the obligations of life.

This makes them get along very badly and every time they’re just starting to fight.

That changes when one day, literal, by the planetary alignment change bodies, and end up trapped in the body of the other, while they have to deal with the professional and personal challenges of being another person they do not understand and do not care to understand.

But if you want to return to your body, you will have to learn to resolve your conflicts to find harmony.

The Cast of the Movie If I Were You

This Mexican film has a good cast, which includes Daniel Giménez Cacho, Sebastián Zurita, Isela Vega and even a brief participation of Anabel Ferreira; But this tape highlights Juan Manuel Bernal, in its male and female version, thanks to him, the film becomes amusing by the occurrences of his character as well as the how it lands on screen.

Speaking of Sophie Alexander the character is not bad, but leaves a strange feeling, and ends with a character that is passed screaming for everything; I think it was the least enjoyment of this movie.